"NEW" Coral Delights 30 X 40cm

"NEW" Coral Delights 30 X 40cm

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"Coral Delights 30 X 40cm.  It will brighten your home and heart. Inspired by the life and patterns under the sea. Featuring texture and vibrant colours of gold, aqua, blues, sand, emerald, black, caramel , cream and whites. 

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This gorgeous series from Amelia's Coral Reef Range, is made of beautiful colours and patterns involving many hours of fine hand painted detail.  I tend to drift away feeling fantastic when I make these paintings.  Every hour and detail is worth it when I see customers feeling the same once it is in their home.

  • Made of premium quality acrylic, pigment and oils on canvas with fine (not allot) texture detail.  All vibrant ocean tones creating a rich sophisticated modern style.
  • Multiple UV resistant clear finish coats applied to last your lifetime. Painting continues around 12mm edge, no frame needed and ready to hang.