Decorative panels are available in multiple canvas sizes hand painted by Amelia in a design that Amelia has created.  Every panel is still unique as Amelia hand makes them all herself, as she does all her products for sale.  Every painting listed for sale is the unique painting you will receive.   These designed are based on a pattern she has created that would look fantastic on any wall that needs some life and colour.   Due to the nature of these designs, she can paint them in a productive manner making them more affordable.  All Amelia's paintings, that be a decorative art work or a one off original fine art piece, she still uses the same highest quality materials, paints and mediums.  All works are finished with UV resistant clear for easy cleaning and no fading.  Full pigmented artist quality paints are used.  All Amelia's decorative panels will never outdate as they are unique and of her own design.  Amelia has been making these panels for many years and customers still love their paintings like they only bought them yesterday.